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Private Lessons - $65.00 hr, 3 hour minimum Register for course

For all private lesson requests please call Bob Frank @ 303-233-0081.

Private lessons are charged at the rate of $65.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Private lessons will be taught by Bob Frank, owner of BLACK B.A.G., LLC. Bob is an MSF RiderCoach Trainer.  That means, in addition to teaching students to ride, he also teaches individuals to become RiderCoaches who in turn teach students to ride, he's a 'Train the Trainer' instructor for MSF.

Bob has personally taught over 6,000 individual students as well as instructed and mentored 35+ RiderCoaches.

You must bring the following gear with you:

  • Helmet, must be DOT approved 3/4 or full faced. If you don't have one we have one you can use.
  • Eye protection - regular eyeglasses or sunglasses.
  • Sturdy full fingered gloves.  Leather or mechanics type preferred.
  • Long sleeved shirt or jacket.  We recommend light colors in the summer.
  • Sturdy full length, non flared, pants (jeans).  No fashion tears or rips.
  • Sturdy shoes or boots that fully cover the ankle.